Fang Po Po

Airbender, Champion of the White Lotus Alliance


Fang-Po-Po may seem like a very peaceful, loving, and jolly man, but if you threaten or hurt his family or friends, he is not afraid to fight in their defense. In these troubled times, even the most peaceful philosophies are put to the test. Po-Po weighs 260 pounds and stands at 5’9". The man has a wieght problem, what is he going to do, eat more. He is 24 years old. Po-Po wears a light blue robe and carries a custum airbending staff with a eagle head on top and a vine design circling down the whole staff. He is bald and has airbender tattoos on this head and arms. He enjoys his food and in his spare time, he will either eat or meditate. He loves his food, so make sure you don’t get in between him and his food. Some words of wisdom to take from Po-Po would be: “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history… as long as they bring plenty of donuts!”


Fang-Po-Po is an Airbender and Po-Po is a carefree happy individual from the Northern Air Temple who has gone through several intense challenges throughout his young life so far. He is willing to take on any challenge as long as it will create peace throughout the world. Po-Po was born in the Northern Air Temple, where he found much love and knowledge from fellow Airbenders and the nature. Monk Algren, was a very knowledgeable and intellectual teacher to Po-Po; this is one of Po-Po’s most memorable conversations with his teacher, “Po-Po: I have questions. Monk Algren: The answers will become clear.” Monk Algren helped teach Po-Po the ways of the world and now has became one of his closest friends. Po-Po is now going around the world looking to help stop evil and make the world at peace and spread his love of others… and donuts.


Fang Po Po

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